The Lion and the Cricket

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    The Lion and the Cricket

    There is a story that goes something like this…

    One day a powerful lion was walking upon the savannah and surveying his entire domain. The Lion was proud and absorbed in his own magnificence when he was suddenly disturbed from his reverie by a slight chirping sound. Pushing aside the tall grasses, the Lion saw there a small Cricket singing away.

    "Hey you!" the Lion said. "Just what do you think you are doing, making your little meaningless chirping talk? I am the King here so you go and crawl under a rock and leave all of the noisemaking to me!"

    The little Cricket boldly climbed up on a big rock and addressed the Lion. "As for me, I was only sitting here, enjoying myself and minding my own business. I sing because I can and because I must and because I will. You go and pick on someone else, you Tyrant, but if you want to fight, then come on then because I am ready for you!"

    The Lion was astonished when he saw the little Cricket raise its little fists and strike a challenging pose.

    "What? You want to fight with me?! YOU want to fight with ME??" he asked in amazement.

    The Lion laughed and roared loudly.

    "Don’t you know who I am? I am the Lord of the land and yet you dare to challenge me!"

    The Lion was incensed now, he circled around the rock, and then suddenly with a loud growl he went to smash the Cricket with his giant paw. But at that moment the Cricket jumped and narrowly avoided the strike. He hopped onto the Lion’s back and quickly scurried up the neck and into the Lion’s ear. The Lion was surprised and tried shaking the Cricket out of his ear. But the Cricket crawled deep inside and there he sat down and began to merrily play his legs, singing as loudly as he could.

    "Arrgggh!" the Lion cried as he rolled on the ground in anger. The Lion began digging with his sharp claws at his ears, trying in vain to extract the pest. The more the Lion dug and dug, the louder the Cricket sang, until finally after a long while, the Lion badly bleeding finally collapsed. The other animals had gathered to watch the battle and were astonished when the Cricket emerged none the worse for wear and without so much as a glance behind, merrily hopped away on its business.


    I give here two interpretations of the story:

    1) The Society is the Tyrant Lion, self-appointed Lord of the Land, who believes that only it has the right to sing. It views its opposers as little pests, but these Internet Crickets can sing in the Lion’s ear, driving it mad and ultimately bringing its downfall.

    2) Satan is the Lion, walking about in this System of Things, roaring and making trouble, but true Christians are like the Cricket, bringing the message of God’s Kingdom.

    Take your pick or give your own.

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    Which do you choose?

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