1975 - UK 30 Year Rule

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  • core

    Under the "30 Year Rule" secret Government documents from 1975 have just been released to public view.

    Much of interest in the documents ....what a pity the WTBTS will not be releasing any of its secret papers from that very interesting year!

    We can read the minutes of all British Cabinet meetings, state papers etc but will never get to know the inner workings at NYC - why is that.........anything to hide maybe?

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Lol...im guessing 1975 would be particularly embarassing to the wtbts under a 30 year disclosure rule!

  • Ellie

    They were just on about this on the news, I was trying to listen but was in the kitchen making dinner, I heared them say "believed it was the end of the world", I don't know who they were talking about, do you think it could be the witnesses?

  • RunningMan

    Well, the 30 year disclosure rule would only apply to governments. Otherwise, every corporation, charity, non-profit, and other organization would be forced to release papers, and we would be inundated with documents. Besides, what is the likelihood that they would ever disclose the real ones? It is not like there are verifiable minutes of proceedings.

  • greendawn

    The WTS is a very secretive organisation they thrive on information control and they obviously have a lot of things to conceal.

  • core
    Well, the 30 year disclosure rule would only apply to governments.

    ..true of course, actually the UK Government in the instance I mention...however...is not the WTS a "Government"

    ..the news item referred to Harold Wilsons cabinet making arrangements for continuing to govern in the event of a Russian Nuclear Strike, which was considered a real possibility, they even recorded the News Announcement ready for such an event...the BBC was to be closed with a single radion (no TV) station - the War Radio Service - telling citizens not to try and escape as there was nowhere to go! (of course as the country would burnt to a crisp)

    ..actually I posted this as an attempt at light hearted humour with a cynical view of those times and the 1975 frenzy of the WTS, and am surprised at the comments by JWDs best humorist which might indicate he thought this was (or I thought it was) a real possibility - no I know from experience that the FOI Act/ 30 year rule nor even common sense or Christian principle will drag anything out of the dark tower - more like a black hole than a lighthouse.

    ..from that era the WTS is erasing all literature,and from what I have seen is convincing many that it was all just a minor storm in a teacup which WE brought on ourselves, yes...the old publications are not available - not used - simply removed, much as the fabled room 1975 vanished in running mans superb assembly hotel story......

    ..30 years on and counting

  • RunningMan

    You've got one hell of a memory, core. I barely remember that story.

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