Ready for 2005 to be OVER! 2006 resolutions...

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  • wanderlustguy

    This year has sucked like a hoover for me. I'm so ready for it to be over...2006 has to be better. Here's my resolutions so far...

    Get in better shape (something other than round).

    Spend more time with my kids.

    Grow the business I'm a partner in.

    Purchase some property in/near Asheville, NC.

    How about you?

  • JH

    I'll look back at 2005 and analyze all the errors I did, and try not to repeat them in 2006. If I can do that, it's as good as new resolutions.

  • PoliticallyNeutered2

    Double post. I think I'll find the link to post here in a few minutes...

  • PoliticallyNeutered2

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