The radical llove taught by jesus

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  • barry

    i just had to share this artical with you all , hope you dont think I am preaching but read this

  • under74

    That's a nice article from someone who's obviously not using Jesus and the Bible for their own means. I'm speaking as an athiest but I still appreciate it when religious people see beyond what they've been taught they should believe or constantly talking about Jesus but never paying attention to what he was said to have taught.

  • JamesThomas
    Love in action means “live and let live.” And it includes forgiving the unforgivable. In other words, you do not have to convert someone to love them. They do not have to think, believe, and act like you do in order for you to love them. And when your enemies strike, you must forgive them.

    This is very beautiful as it is describing an unconditional-love, which, I feel, under all our false ego, we innately are.

    That said, how does Susan's unconditional-love explanation reconcile with beliefs in a god (who is supposedly the highest form of love) who will kill those, or condemn all to eternal punishment, who do not accept him? How are we to truly love someone who threatens to kill us, if we do not love them. This, is insanity. An insanity that Susan does not mention, for it is sacrilegious to reveal ones own love to be more loving than ones god's.

    There must be many Christians who realize that the love which lives within their heart, is greater than that of the idea of god depicted in the Bible which they worship; and so they twist themselves in knots trying to explain it away. The problem is a simple one. The god depicted in the Bible is too limited in love and everything else to be the true God. In every ways he is far less divine than you or me.

    Sadly, many continue to embrace and rely on a book that diminishes God to a murderous tyrant, rather than honor the living, breathing and loving wisdom within their own heart.


  • barry

    Gday James,I know what youre saying but just maybe Susan isnt one of those nutty fundamentalists. Barry

  • deeskis

    Simpson simple eh!!

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