Emotional Misfits!!!

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    When anyone talks about the JW's the only thoughts that wiz through my mind is, emotional misfits!

    Yesterday, my sister-in-law stopped by and spoke to my wife for close to two hours. Yes, it was about pass problems with her husband and the elders. Her story was all about manipulation and deception, it would make for a good movie.

    My sister-in-law has had a breakdown (the work of her husband) and is on pills, (how many witnesses are not on pills) anyways, she's an emotional wreck.

    Other examples, my oldest sister (JW) who is in her early seventies is another emotionally damaged goods. I have a younger sister (JW) that's also an emotional wreck.

    One only has to come to forums of this nature and 'read' the serious emotional damage this organization has done to people. They have deprived and damaged people of a normal emotional life!

    When I was writing my golf book back in 1996, I wrote in part, "Golfers who copy or imitate others deprive themselves of their individuality thereby becoming clones of someone else. Clones have no personal identity."

    I've met some bright people in this org but emotionally their a wreck. My sister-in-law is one of them.

    The damage that pedophiles do to their victims is no different than what this organization has done to its' adherents!

    Thanks to all of you for speaking out.


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