what would they do if ...

by lucifer 5 Replies latest jw friends

  • lucifer

    a bunch of DA'd ppl showed up for the meeting? would they talk to us? welcome us to the house of jehovah or kick us out?

  • Mysterious

    I suppose it would depend on how disruptive you were being, they would certainly try to ascertain your motives for attending and probably try to keep anyone from speaking to you.

  • lucifer

    yes i guess the disruptive thing would count, i would love to go and sing their melodies as loud and offkey as i could and when/if they approached me i would answer with "i just wanted god to hear me okay!"

  • Funchback

    The elders would call for an emergency meeting to discuss their plan of action. They would notify all of the Attendant's to be on the lookout. The elders themselves would also work as Attendants, watching every move of the DA'd folks.

    How do I know? Because it happened at my old congregation. I was an Attendant, but, I was also mentally out of the religion. I was an Undercover Brother...LOL!

    Anyway, the P.O. was most concerned because the child of one of the DA'd had recently accused him of child molestation.

  • lucifer

    i would say he'd be concerned, further proof that they protect child molesters

  • NiecyMe

    You could always lift you hands in praise and start speaking in tongues. That would get thier attention. Then you could just tell them..."isn't there a law that says that I can worship the way that I want to?" If your not making a big deal out of it, like falling on the floor as the Holy Spirit over comes you...LOL. Is it not true that God asked us to raise our hands in worship and praise on loud?..humm. (they would probably kick you out anyway..lol)

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