Still Printing in NYC?

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  • startingover

    Does anyone know? If not, what are they doing with all the facilities?

  • serendipity
  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    Last I heard they were hiring someone else to do their printing. They sold off a lot of their printing supplies . I'm pretty sure they sold some buildings too but I didn't keep up on which ones.

    I'm sure if you do some searching about the WTBTS you can find some info...


  • blondie

    Recently, the WTS moved a great deal of printing up to Wallkill, even building new buildings and buying new equipment. They also switched a lot of the NYC Bethelites up there. How much printing remains in in NYC, I'm not sure. They also sold the Furman building for several million dollars.

    I did hear that the videos/DVDs/CDs are farmed out for the most part and the the audiocassettes may be phased out soon due to the age of the equipment and change in technology.

    I believe there has been some new stories over the last year or so. Some here on JWD might have them in their favorites.

    The following are WTS items so VOMIT ALERT.


    km 9/04 p. 1 Branch Letter

    Dear Kingdom Publishers:

    We rejoice to announce that, with Jehovah’s blessing, the new presses and bindery at Wallkill are now in operation. We warmly invite all of you to tour these streamlined facilities. How grateful we are to the brothers and sisters from seven nearby Regional Building Committees who have thus far contributed over 67,000 man-hours to this project! One such volunteer remarked: "It was more than a privilege. It was a dream come true for me."

    In Brooklyn, brothers are now working diligently to renovate the 117 Adams Street complex in preparation for the laundry and other essential support departments that are relocating there after the recent sale of the 360 Furman Street building. Hundreds of skilled workers from Regional Building Committees across the country are ‘offering themselves willingly’ in response to a special invitation to assist in this effort. (Ps. 110:3) The first of these volunteers arrived in August. Your heartfelt support of the expansion of pure worship endears you to us and to our appreciative God, Jehovah.-2 Cor. 9:7.

  • stillajwexelder

    Free labor and they get money from the sale of 360 Furman Street - sounds like a win -win situation to me. They are not stupid the WTBTS when it comes to money are they?

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    According to a letter read during the local announcements, they are now going to have the graphics people (those who prepare and proof the photos, illustrations etc to be used in the pubs) along with the printing facilities at Wallkill to "streamline" operations.

    In Canada, they've had some Hantscho presses put into Bethel and they sold off the machinery they were using before to an outside company (they didn't give any names or figures though).

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I thought the property was worth "Billions?". Weren't they selling it to someone for "Highrises?".

    I read the WTBTS owned most of the waterfront property and was buying more property around the Brooklyn Bridge?.


  • blondie

    The Furman building will be developed into condos. The WTS is trying to get approval on 4 towerlike buildings on some other property they own in the area. (DUMBO)

    Sincere they are moving out so much of the printing, and Patterson is the retirement locaiton for the older Bethelites, I wonder who remains and what work they are doing.?

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