Yet another friend getting married...

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  • FaithfulDoubter

    So, what makes this occassion special? Well, this is really one of my last friends from my age group to get married. All my other friends have married off, or getting married off, which makes me the sole bachelor from the whole group. Don't know whether to feel excited for him, or deeply troubled that I'm still single... *sighs*

    Still given my current situation, I can't exactly go out dating a worldly girl, and I have NEGATIVE interest in Witness girls at the moment. I'm between a rock and a hard place here....

  • atypical

    Why not date a nice, eligible brother? You could really cause a stir in your hall.

  • carla

    Oh, go ahead and date an evil worldly girl. That way when you decide to leave the borg for good you will have family in place that loves you unconditionally.

  • Mysterious

    I remember how much I used to hate it when young people from the congregation here got married and how left out I felt, I thought that I would never find someone. But JWs get married quite young by most standards so while it might seem like you're the last one on earth I'm sure when your situation clears up things will get a lot better. And if you are a fader (sounds like you might be at that point or considering it) being involved with some nice JW girl is probably the last thing you would need anyway.

  • Forscher

    Don't get too depressed over it Doubter. I was the last in my group to marry. At 18, everybody but me got married. For seven years I was a social leper. The younger ones didn't want me in their group. My former "friends" wives did want me around the group because I had no wife for them to hen around with. But when I finally married, she was worth the wait!
    When it is God's will, the right one will turn up. In my case, she was a recent divorcee who had some friends who loved her well enough to go looking for somebody for her. We were introduced, and 24 years later, I couldn't be happier! Just be patient man, you'll get what you want.


  • Forscher

    By the way, I can't argue Mysterious' point! If you are considering fading, then you don't want to get invovled with a Dub girl. So just be patient anyway and at least wait until you've committed yourself one way or the other in that matter. If you do fade, then move away from the area before you take up with an outsider. An ddon't leave a forwording address for your old congregation. That will make things a whole lot easier.


  • blondie

    FaithfulDoubter, of my contemporaries who married in their 20's (all but 2), 70% are now divorced. Take your time. Have fun as a single person.

  • greendawn

    I don't know your exact age but generally when people are more mature they make for more stable marriages.

  • truth about the last days
    truth about the last days

    Not to worry about for now. I knew of a sister who never had a date when i was in the same congregation as her for many years. She did find a really good brother to marry and now has 2 children and very happy. One day you will find the right person in time. Keith

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