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    I've made a couple of posts just now on other threads,,,,,,and I'm off to bed.. 2.15 am and a bad day.

    Look......whoever is running this place, you don't need thousands of idiots like me phoning and emailing the media. They love a good story but will be totally confused if they get dozens of disjointed stories.

    Get organized.....All YOU need is email addresses. YOU have the professionals to write the Press Releases.. We are just amateurs and will embarrass you if we attempt to do the same.

    Please set up a site where we can submit email addresses of the proper people that press releases should be sent to.

    A simple phone call will give any of us posters the email address of the editor or religious writer of any newspaper.

    If we all did that and sent it to a central source, this site could immediately release explosive material world-wide overnight.

    Please..........just get the email addresses and leave it to the professionals on this site to spread the news.

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  • willyloman

    wombat is right on target with his comments. Please review what I wrote on the same subject on another thread:


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    Perhaps someone could post a 'little' direction on here so we are all on the same wavelength and moving in the same direction...

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    wombat is right on target with his comments. Please review what I wrote on the same subject on another thread:

    Willy--- I read your other post. I did not gather that you were in favor of any kind of organized effort.

    I'm sure in some cases it could do harm if presented in a radical unsubstantiated manner, but we have links to the original Statement of Claim and the radio interview, as well as the final settlement. That should be enough to validate our information to the newspaper. Even if the editor should trash can our 'release' because of lack of interest, I fail to see how it could do harm in this case as long as we stick to facts properly presented. If I send out 100 e-mails & 99 are trashed, I will be glad for the one that paid attention. Where I live I doubt that I would be treading on the toes of 'the professionals' among us. I like your 'letter to the editor' suggestion and I will explore how that can be done without blowing my cover.

    We have a lot of resources available and we are motivated. How can we be most effective in using these resources? I will venture to say that many of us are still willing to follow the direction of 'those taking the lead'. I, for one, am not content doing nothing.

    I guess my point is -- If you are aware of an organized effort, please share.


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    are you saying we appear disorganized?

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