Christmas Traditions

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    We're having tourtière for supper, with some vegetables and potatoes.... the traditional French-Canadian Christmas Eve dinner.

    That got me thinking about Christmas when I was a kid - and all the traditions that we had. (Canadian -both French/English). Very familiar with the tourtiere..but every Christmas morning my mother served up massive slices of salmon pie - extra thick pastry just stuffed with potatoes, salmon and carrots. I've never had that pie so good as when she made it every year without fail as long as she could. We weren't wealthy folk and didn't have a fireplace to hang stockings from but we would leave one out on the stair rail and the next morning we would wake up to find it all filled up with goodies and laying on the foot of our bed. Lots of family visiting all day, smell of ham and turkey, mashed potatoes, my uncles rum soaked Christmas cake and at the end of the day out came the guitars, banjos, spoons and harmonicas and there was music until the wee hours of the morning. Some beautiful memories.

    What traditions did you have? Have you started new ones? sammieswife

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