Just watched the Christmas Eve party.

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  • atypical

    Well, I have been trying to fade for months now, it is not going well. Today, Christmas Eve, I tried to have some kind of a normal day. Of course, I didn't talk to my parents. I called my sister, but she didn't call me back. My wife and I spent the afternoon with her parents, which was nice. When we pulled up to our house, our subdivision was filled with cars from my old congregation.

    See, we live a few doors down from an active witness couple. They had a "party" tonight, and invited pretty much every witness they know, which includes most of my old hall (the hall my wife goes to) and those who used to be in that hall but have moved. The party included several people who have been harassing my wife at the meetings (where is your husband? I know who he is hanging out with! those people are like death! they are doing nothing with the truth!)

    I don't know. It just hurt really deep to pull into my driveway after dodging all the vehicles of the "loving" brothers and sisters who now despise me. Especially knowing that they were at a Christmas Eve party (let's be honest) and I was away from my family (me being the one who is supposedly "wayward").

    Christmas sucks even more now for me. I hate it.

  • prophecor

    Not tryin' to make you see where you need to give yourself a one-uomanship, there, Atypical, but think how much better of you are without such hypo-critical folks in your life any longer. They're getting their just desserts, even as we speak. These can not hide from the Almighty. You're in much better company with all us ebil-dooers.

    Merry Christmas Atypical


  • atypical

    Thanks for the kind words, Prophecor.

    Merry Christmas to you, too.

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