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  • truth finder
    truth finder

    I would encourage anyone to look into the Ante-Nicene Fathers, or better yet you can ask the Watchtower to send you some photocopies. The Watchtower employs bad scholarship, e.g. plagiarism, misquotating, and insufficient information.

    I would encourage one to look into the bible at 2 Cor 12, where the only conclusion is that Jesus was prayed to. The Watchtower uses the word entreat to disguise Pauls' intentions. A quick look into a dictionary will show that entreat means to earnestly ask.

    The use of the deffinite article does not apply to just God, but is used in denoting the true Lord, etc. By the standards of both most Greek scholars, and the Watchtower:

    If (1) The deffinite article is used in anything (lets say Lord for this example) then it denotes that true holder of that title (this is a fact from both scholars and the Watctowers own use)

    (2) The deffinite article is used in the title of Lord for both the Father and the Son (I will let the reader research this).

    Therefore, (3) Both the Father and the Son are the true, and only Lords over all.

    The Watchtowers' intentions is to turn their followers to their teachings only, and to advoid any discontent within their members. Look at the thread I added to the one seeking the 70 years chronology for further proof.

    **************Merry Christmas, and rememeber 2 Cor 12: Christ is strong even when we think otherwise. And let the power of Christ remain like a tent over you (I researched the New World Translation just in case any are wondering whether my research is ineffective or not)!

  • blondie

    truth finder, you are preaching to the choir here. We already know and discuss the ways that the WTS misquotes and twists sources outside their own material. Hey, they even misquote and twist material from their own older publications.

    Welcome, and Merry Christmas.


  • fahrvegnugen

    That the WT Society has at times used questionable scholarship to advance its teachings, I would agree.

    But your claim regarding the use of the definite article is a stretch that really doesn't prove anything at all. Greek uses the definite article for all sorts of common nouns that English and other languages don't. Therefore, in most uses of the word "lord" in Greek, one would expect for it to be accompanied by the article. Whether, you were referring to the lord of the universe, or the lord of a kingdom, etc--they will all be referred to as THE LORD in Greek. So the use of the definite article alone doesn't prove anything one way or another.

  • bigmouth

    Thanks for your earnestness truthfinder,but fahrvegnugen is spot on with the definite article matter.

    You do yourself a disservice however with your spelling,(misquotating,deffinite,advoid).It's hard to accept your scholarship if your spelling is inaccurate.

    But welcome to the site and take some time to read.Cheers Pete.

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