Christmas Prayer for all of you!

by jschwehm 5 Replies latest jw friends

  • jschwehm

    Hi Gang:

    I just wanted to say that I enjoy our time together here throughout the year.

    It is great to be able to come to a place and discuss those things that really changed us as we were JWs and those things that continue to change us after we have left the JWs.

    I thank God for all of you.

    So, here is my Christmas prayer for all of you (even those of you who do not believe. So please do not be offended.)

    "May the Lord Bless All of You, Protect All of you from All Evil, And Lead All of You to Eternal Life." Amen

    Merry Christmas to you all,

    Jeff Schwehm

  • hubert

    Thanks, Jeff, and the same to you and your family.

    And, thanks for letting us know when you are on Journey Home, and other programs,/news, etc.

    Your shows and posts have been very helpful to me with dealing with my j.w. daughter and son-in-law, as are many other posts on jwd.

    Merry Christmas !!


  • Odrade

    Thank you Jeff, Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  • kazar

    Thanks, Jeff. Merry Christmas to you.

  • jschwehm
  • Spectrum

    Thanks Jeff,
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family

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