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    I am brand new to this site and I am writing this for anyone that cares about the website that was shut down by the WTBS. I thought it was one of the best sites I have ever come across and now it is no longer available. Last night I spent 3 hours copying most of it's info on my hard-drive into separate WORD documents and you can too! If you go to Yahoo.com and type in the search engine "quotes.watchtower.ca", all the pages will appear. HOWEVER, if you simply click on the heading link, you will get a blank page that says ACCESS FORBIDDEN. HOWEVER, below the heading and description of the website, you will find a link that says "CACHED" These are what is called "spider shots" of webpages. Click on the CACHED link and you will find a rough layout of the website but all the info is there. None of it is highlighted in the helpful way it used to be, but there are italics and the info is there. I suggest that anyone wanting to not lose this valuable info, do this now and copy and paste each of these pages onto a separate WORD document on their hard-drive. THESE PAGES WILL SOON DISAPPEAR!!!!!!!!! Since this is my first post and i am new to this group, I'll say a quick note about myself. I am a Christian, raised in the Catholic Church. I am currently dating an active JW and have no intention of converting. We love each other but religion is a huge and constant issue. In the beginning, I found myself unprepared for spiritual warfare. i consider meeting her a true blessing of God. It has compelled me to learn how to defend my faith and I am glad I have now found a support group on this site.

  • zeroday

    I have downloaded the Quotes website and burned it to cd.

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    WELCOME Kristofer


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    Hi kristofer, welcome to the forum!

  • reaper

    Hi Christofer

    If you get the chance, ask her who is her Mediator. That really gets at a JW, if you tell them that Jesus Christ is NOT their Mediator according to the Society.

    Its all on the site you mentioned. Look at my testimony on www.witforjesus.org and you will find a lot more help on dealing with doctrinal issues.

    My name is Dave Hall by the way.

  • stillajwexelder

    Welcome Kristofer

  • reaper

    It looks like they have shut the site down. I did what you said, but when I clicked on the subjects it said NOT FOUND. So it looks like the Gestapo has got its way again. I would have been good if the Author of the site, could relaunch it and even get loads of other clones of it set up all over the place.

  • fairchild

    Kristofer, welcome to JWD

    reaper, a cached page only works for a few days, so chances are that you can't access them because they are gone now. Cached pages are created by crawlers who crawl websites every so many days. So when they crawled the quotes website it was still "open", but when they crawl his stie again, the cached pages will not show anything. You can try a different engine like google or MSN, because they all crawl on different times. But one way or another, as Kristofer said, cached pages are temporary and they won't last longer than just a few days, two weeks at the very most.

    However, there are more ways than one to retrieve information from quote's website, even though it is not there anymore. I lost all the data on my website a few months ago, and in my crusade to hunt for my "lost" website, I found several ways to retrieve what's no longer there.

    Anyone who wants information on this is free to send me a pm.

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