Eve and the apostate

by peggy 1 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • peggy

    Jehovah allowed Eve to be tested. She listened to Satans words and made a choice to eat from the fruit. Why doesn't the ORG. allow the same test to be given? If the internet is a test to all, and even if all of the words on these web sites are a lie, is it not up to each of us individually to make a choice who we believe? Jehovah gave a warning, but he did not stop her from going into the garden at the location of the tree. He did not stop the exchange of words. He allowed her to make a choice. Has Jehovah now taken that choice away? It is the very fact that the ORG. has gone after these sites that makes me question the "truth".

  • Spectrum

    The question is not about mans free will and choice it's about numbers.

    The more people find out that this is not Gods Org. the more people leave. That's not good for any corporation. If the number of subsrcibers to Vodafone goes below a certain number then that corporations surival comes in the balance.

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