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    I couldn't get this all in the first post, so here's the rest of it.
    Page 133 questions

    1) The incidents that happened in

    2) The children became bewitched once Tituba started telling them weird stories. Then the doctor was called and stated that the children were bewitched. The children had nothing better to do and became bored so the turned unusual by listening to Tituba’s stories.

    3) The people in hated witches and they killed them when they were accused usually by hanging them. Also the people believe the young girls because most of the older people in the society have something wrong with them either being temperamental like Ann Putnam or something else.

    4) Tituba saved her own life by telling on other townspeople. However the other people were not as clever as she was and so they couldn’t save their lives also they could have thought that the townspeople wouldn’t have believed them.

    5) The trials ended abruptly because people had no one else to blame. Also since the main person who had started it all was now in jail they had nothing else to do. The mass hysteria was over and people got back to their every day lives.

    6) Benet most likely entitled this selection “We Aren’t Superstitious” because if people now days actually took the time to stop and think what superstitious actually meant they would figure out that we really aren’t superstitious. The people back then were superstitious and that’s where the meaning actually came from.

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