End-of-Life Issues

by FaeriePrincess 2 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • FaeriePrincess

    Is there an official WTS position on end-of-life issues? All of my JW relatives have made it known that if they were in a Terri-Shiavo-like situation that they want to die. They also have made it known that if their heart stops during an operation they are not to be revived. Is this common thought among JWs?? It seems rather weird to me that someone who claims to have such "respect for life" would just let themseleves die..... How is that being respectful of life? faerieprincess

  • oldflame

    God is the creator of life, satan is the creator of death, Gee we can figure that one......

  • BluesBrother

    No official stance, as far as I know...although euthanasia is not permitted .

    I suppose if your focus is fully on the New World to come, the idea of a sleep until a certain resurrection is appealing

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