Jesus' second as a real man???

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  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hope you don't mind if I share a couple of points of why I think Jesus is returning as human. (Just my thoughts)

    How can a spirit talk for all to hear?

    8. In Dan.7 he's taken up to gain access to God and given the kingdom as a "son of man". If he was already @ God's right hand, why the need to be taken up?

    I think J.W.s would be the last people to recognize and accept him, as Jesus would be battling the governments and we know JW's think anyone who is not a witness are politically neutral and Jesus would be battling the governments. So just like the 1st coming of Christ he would not be accepted. confused Also because the WT says he's coming as a spirit their minds would totally reject this idea!!crying As we are not even allowed to entertain the idea of anything different from WT doctrine.

  • DavidChristopher

    I could be wrong....But I am inclined to believe he has been here for...oh..two thousand years. He is the Word Of God. I think nobody has bothered to ask Him anything though. too busy making Him to be what THEY wanted Him to be, Using him as a puppet to say what THEY wanted him to say, and make others obey. I also believe He is really sick of it too. He is my Boss, and my King. And I have Him here open right next to me. I think He set the example for us to follow on the ney to become Sons of God, When we grow tired of trying to BE God over one another that is. Being "kings" is fine and good, and what we are destined for. But KNOW this...He is still King of kings, Our Creator, and Our Heavenly Father, who loves us all every one, and is looking out for us.

    We are kings, gods, and lords over our women and children he so blessed us with. But with the gift....It can be bad...when you don't know how to correctly use it. So it is HIS role to teach us these things. Do babies teach babies how to be adults? How is that possible? Do you want someone to tell you every move to make? Or would you rather search and find out for yourselves? Ask Jesus, follow him, and strive to be like Him. You may just find what you are looking for. There is a wealth of wisdom, knowledge, and truth hidden in those pages. Things for everyone to discover and I would hope to share. His Spirit will guide you on your quest, all you gotta do is ask, as I did. I am here to demonstrate an example of His mercy and love and the awesome things He has in store for our futures.

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