French lawmakers endorse file sharing

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  • MegaDude

    Perhaps the French are enlightened.

    "A French government crackdown on digital piracy backfired Thursday as lawmakers rebelled by endorsing amendments to legalize the online sharing of music and movies instead of punishing it.

  • misspeaches

    Actually I am really surprised by the outcome of this.

    Perhaps someone can confirm... As I understand it when it comes to the art world the French ensure that royalties are paid to the artist. So if someone buys artwork off another collector a percentage of that is paid back to the artist. No matter how many times this happens. (Little hazy on it)

    So in light of this the fact that they endorse file sharing seems to me to go against their other laws about royalties etc.

    (I think I am confusing myself now...)

  • hamsterbait

    I think the very Gallic logic here is that if I buy a book, then decide to give it to a friend, that friend should not have to pay the publisher.

    Since a file has no physical substance, it means that when I buy a data file, and decide to pass it on to a friend, he should not have to pay again.

    Fewer people would buy pirated files if the publishers charged a fair price. I will not pay $25 - $30 for a DVD,but will pay what I consider reasonable. Since the West is destroying the livelihoods of 3rd world farmers and their families by subsidizing goods, why won't the record industry destroy the livelihood of the pirates, by subsidizing the ridiculous prices of CDs and DVDs which cost peanuts to make.


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