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  • wombat

    My (non-JW) son refuses to talk to any of his JW Uncles, Aunts and Cousins. His Daddy (me) DA'd over 30 years ago and has been shunned by the large JW part of his family ever since.

    So, in my adult son's words, he had declared Jihad on the WTBTS and refuses to acknowledge any of them.

    He's a successful popular fellow that everyone looks up to. They will miss him.

  • under74

    good for your son. He knows what's important and worth his time.

  • bother_forever

    I suppose if family can't transcend belief, why would you or your son bother with them? A large part of family do not exist to me also, but thats their choice. Life is great and rich, if they do not understand that "blood is thicker than water" , then may they continue in their mental vacuum, and pursue a world that is never coming, or could exist without the diversity that is "human".

    Good fortune to you both!

  • wombat

    Yeah bother_forever...........I've once before mentioned this quote by Henry Thoreau.

    "Seldom is a man so fortunate as to be related to his true family by blood".

    I guess that the point I was trying to make is that a lot of those who have been doing the shunning in the past will eventually find themselves being shunned.

    Like, the 2005 Report looks pretty sad. Lotsa folk want out. They may find it hard to make friends again with those that they have previously, so smugly, shunned.

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