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  • Super_Becka

    OK everyone, I'm looking for some more help. I have another thread going on practices and objects of pagan origins that are permitted by the WTS, so now I'm looking for a more concise look at the organization's flip-flop doctrines. I know they're scattered all over this forum, but I'd like a nice list of some of them here, on one thread, because I don't have the time to look them all up myself here.

    Let me start with:

    1.) Blood - blood fractions are now permitted as a matter of conscience (anyone have references and/or dates for this from WT or Awake! ??)

    2.) Organ transplants - now a conscience matter (again, anyone have references and/or dates for this??)

    3.) No Christmas or holidays - for the first half of its existence, the group that became the WTS permitted all holidays, but now ban them

    Does anyone have references for the regulations on rape?? Does a woman have to scream now or not??

    What else can we come up with here?? I'm looking for any and all flip-flop doctrines, and if you have references from the magazines to support your statements, all the better!! Anything will help with my research!! Whatever you can come up with, post it here!!

    Thanks, guys!! And Merry Christmas!!

    -Becka :)

  • AlmostAtheist

    Until sometime (1961?) they believed that the superior authorities of Romans 13 referred to the governments. Then they decided (1961?) that they applied to Jehovah and Jesus. And then they switched back to the governments. Hopefully somebody else has the references on this.

    You can probably find lots of these on


  • jgnat

    Just a thought, Super-Becka. Are you thinking that if you present this information to your sweetheart that you can convince him, on the weight of the evidence, that he's got it all wrong?

    You underestimate the power the organization wields over it's members and former members. The ex-JW's here have gone through the most wrenching self-examination. They've also had to give up a lifetime of friends and all their JW relatives. Few JW's have the guts for that.

    If you are serious about bringing this information to your sweetheart, a full-frontal attack on his beliefs will surely send him running away forever. If you want to know HOW to present this information with some hope for success, PM me.

  • Super_Becka

    jgnat, you have a PM.

    -Becka :)

  • yesidid

    1. Blood: 1940 all blood ok, 1945 no blood, 1961 disfellowshiping offence. 1964 Witness doctors able to give blood to non Witnesses. 1975 hemophiliacs not to use fractions, four months later hemophiliacs may use blood fractions. 2000 fractions conscience matter. 2000 Bovine hemoglobin allowed. 2004 Fraction position explained to publishers.

    2. Organ transplants. OK Before 1968. ‘68 cannibalism-..1980 OK

    3. Divorce for bestiality, no/yes

    4. Divorce for homosexuality no/yes

    5. Funerals for people who suicide: Until 1977, no. After ‘77 yes.

    6. Alternative service/ Civilian service Before ’96 disfellowshiping offence. After 1996: OK.

    7. Generation Started 1914/Not started 1914

    8. Men of Sodom resurrected: yes/no 8 changes

    9. Superior Authorities Rom 13: 1916 Governments, 1943 Jehovah and Christ, 1964 Governments.

    10. Creation days: Was 6000 years, now not sure.

    11. Christmas celebrations: Yes till 192? /now no.

    12. Birthday celebrations Yes until 1951 / now no.

    13. The Cross: On the cover of every Watchtower till 1931. Then no.

    14. Date of Christ’s Return. 1874/1914.

    15. Pyramidology: Russell, Divine Omen; Rutherford demonology.

    16. Serving in the Military yes/no

    17. Man who sows seed Matt 13: In same year, Satan then Jesus

    18. “Alpha and Omega": August 1978, Jehovah, Oct 1978 Jesus.

    19. The ‘Lord’ in Romans 10:12-16: 1903 Jesus, 1940 Jehovah / 1978 Jesus / 1980 Jehovah.

    20. Faithful & discreet slave: 1916 Russell / 1927 not Russell

    21. Great multitude Rev 7: Heavenly calling/ earthly calling

    22. Each Witness is a minister: Yes/no/yes

    23. There would be resurrection of Abraham, Isaac, David etc. in 1925

    24. 1260 Days in Dan 7:25; 12:7, Rev 11:1-3: There have been seven changes.

    25. The close of heavenly calling: 1881/1935

    26. End 6000 years man’s existence: 1873/1975

    27. Start of “the last days’: 1799/1914

    28. Elder arrangement: Russell yes, Rutherford no, Knorr yes.

    29. In a judgment period: before 1995 yes, after 1995 no.

    30. Leviathan of the Bible is the steam locomotive (The Finished Mystery, pg 84-86);

    Hope that helps


  • IP_SEC

    isnt a flip-flop by definition an original stand, then a change, then another change? Dubs can say if it was just an original stand and then a change that its new light.

    I think the new light theory can only be challenged in a dubs thinking when you have an example of light, then the light gets brighter with new light (flip) and then the light gets brighter again with what once was the old light (flop)

    Ahhh now new light isnt as progressive as we thought it was, or why the need to change back to a previously held idea?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Try looking in the Best of section of the board. There is a category of The Best of... Watchtower Changes

    You might also want to check this poster UnDisfellowshipped He had dozens of threads that documented information. Look in his Posting history


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