My Co-Worker's Story

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  • Mum

    My co-worker has a daughter who is married to a lapsed JW. He is disfellowshipped for adultery, but she has chosen to stay with him for reasons imperceptible to the rest of the universe. He met her in high school, and she made it clear that she was not interested in his religion. He broke up with her for a time, but came back and told her he wanted her anyway, JW or no. I can understand because she is both beautiful and kind-hearted.

    Anyway, a couple of days ago, the (lapsed JW) husband's JW mother called, threatening suicide because of the break-up of a relationship, saying she couldn't bear to live alone, and asking to live with him and his wife and child. At first, he was ready to welcome his tripped-out mother with open arms, even suggesting that she could babysit for them!

    His wife, bless her, stood her ground. She was firm. She said that she did not want a suicidal person looking after her child, that this woman needed the help of mental health professionals, not children. Then she asked the husband how he would feel if it were his mother-in-law asking to be taken in while suicidal and otherwise insane. Reason won the day. He said he would not.

    Now he is going to allow his child to stay with her grandma on Christmas eve and go skiing with his wife. He knows Santa is coming to grandma's house.

    Hope is out there...

    Happy Holidays to all,


  • MerryMagdalene

    Thanks for sharing. Good to see reason win out once in a while, especially over something with potentially dangerous repurcussions.


  • zagor

    It is interesting how many W's are nuts really. These kinds of stories come up over and over again. Just goes to show that something is fundamentally wrong with entire WT setup.

  • luna2

    I feel sorry for suicidal JW mil and hopes she gets real help from professionals, not elders.

    I'm glad that lapsed-JW husband didn't cave to his mother's blackmail attempt and put his wife's feelings and his child's safety first in this instance.

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