What the WT spends on missionaries, does it include ALL Bethel ops?

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  • truthseeker

    This year, the number of $'s spent on missionaries went up to about $110 million.

    Now, I know they get about $110 a month, but does it really cost $110 million to look after a few thousand missionaries?

    Does the figure include the costs of running Bethel or missionary homes?

  • RunningMan

    I doubt it. I mean, there must be close to 5000 circuit overseers out there, plus district overseers, zone overseers, missionaries, and a few straggling special pioneers. I don't think even they could operate (how many?) printeries with staff and expenses for $110 million. On the other hand, what exactly is covered by that amount of money? - monthly stipend, missionary homes, travel, expenses, or what? The number is just tossed out in total isolation from any meaningful financial information.

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    When I was at the MTS School, the D.O. told us that the food costs $3500, yet it was all donated by the local congo's !!! i think they just make up these figures to sound impressive. I've known some Special pioneers and all they got was a small amount from the WT. I think it was only about $60 a month then. and they had to find the rest of there means of living themselves. So the $110 million is B.S.

  • Nina

    Why don't you just dial them up and ask them?

    Gather up your list of questions and call! No one here can give you the WT answer but WT can; gather up your energies, do the deed, then report back if you learn anything interesting.

    Not a fan of speculation,


  • Bryan

    If the number is correct... I say they have a nice LAUNDRY list!


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • JT

    I was told that it does not, the guy who told me is the Number two man in the bethel office bob Rains

  • RunningMan

    Considering that they provide absolutely no financial information of any sort, there is really no way of knowing what is included in that number. For example, they may include the estimated financial value of donated goods and services. Without some sort of context or detail, the number is completely meaningless.

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