What a Friend!

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  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog

    Hello, is this the Sheriff's Office?"

    "Yes, what can I do for you?"

    "I'm calling to report about my neighbor Virgil Smith...
    He is hiding marijuana inside his firewood!"

    "Thank you very much for the call, sir."

    The next day, the Sheriff's Deputies descend on
    Virgil's house.
    They search the shed where the firewood is kept.
    Using axes, they bust open every piece of wood, but
    find no marijuana. They sneer at Virgil and leave.

    The phone rings at Virgil's house.

    "Hey, Virgil! This here is Floyd. Did the Sheriff come?"


    "Did they chop your firewood?"


    "Merry Christmas, buddy!"

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Lol Deputy - made me think of.....

    A prisoner in jail receives a letter from his wife: "I have decided to plant some vegetables in the back garden. When is the best time to plant them?"
    The prisoner, knowing that the prison guards read all mail, replied in a letter, "Dear wife, whatever you do, do not touch the back garden. That is where I hid all the money."
    A week or so later, he received another letter from his wife: "You won't believe what happened, some men came with shovels to the house, and dug up all the back garden."
    The prisoner wrote another letter: "Dear wife, now is the best time to plant the vegetables."

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  • jeanniebeanz


    My grandpa told us a story as kids, don't know if it was true or not, but it was funny.

    He was hunting not too far off a dirt road one year and had just gotten out of the truck, climbed down a steep embankment when he saw a big buck. Figuring he really wasn't going to get a better one, he took the shot and landed the buck.

    Bout that time, the ranger happened along and hearing the shot he stopped. After congratulating grandpa on his prize, he asked to see grandpa's license. Grandpa looked through his things but couldn't find it. The ranger apologized but said that he was going to have to cite grandpa for hunting without a license an confiscate the buck. It took the two of them to haul the buck up the steep embankment as 'evidence'.

    Once at the top, grandpa 'remembered' where the license was... lol


  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    That's a great story! I had to PM you


    D Dog

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