why would

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  • carla

    Why would a regular meeting be cancled for the whole cong? It is a normal meeting night. There is an assembly on the weekend, does that matter?

  • 144001

    Why ask why? Don't kick a gift horse in the teeth. Savor some time away from the programming; you'll get plenty on the weekend.

  • prophecor

    It's been known to happen. To help better prepare those for attending in full force.

  • Mysterious

    If there is an assembly it is very common for it to be cancelled. At least half of it will be covered on the assembly anyway and the rest you are supposed to catch up on on your own time. I think the reasoning was that it would give people time to travel and make preparations to attend. Though most of the material will still be covered anyway.

  • free2beme

    If their is an assembly on the weekend, then that is as normal as the sun rising.

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