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  • fairchild

    For anyone who has kids, I added a writing forum for children to my poetry board. I don't think that kids have many places to go on the internet if they want to show their writings. So I'd like to explore this avenue and see how it works out.

    Registration is free.


    The children's forum is called "The Secret Garden"

  • serendipity

    Hi fairchild, what a lovely idea! It's very kind of you to add this as a service.

  • fairchild

    Yeah, I had been toying with the idea for quite a while, and felt torn between not encouraging children to use the internet more than they already do, or to encourage them to develop their writing skills. Then I thought oh well, they will use the internet anyways, and going to a writing forum is better than playing games.

    I got an unofficial thumbs up from the server, because one has to be 13 years old to register an account, but I can bypass it by having a parent register and have the children post under supervision.

    The children's forum is one of the new features to celebrate the first anniversary of my board.

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