living with my elder stepdad over xmas

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  • ellderwho

    Superbeckas post promted me to post this subject. My parents are retiring to Florida(Gods waiting room) moms already down there, he's living with us here in NewJersey till he offically retires.

    We are very christmas-eey. Lights, yard, tree, the whole nine. He just ignores it, I guess. My 18 and 19 yo are in the know about poppop. But my 7 yo is running around waiting on santa.

    Our tree is in the family room where he has to walk by it several times a day. I could just imagine the thought- "look at that satanic tree with the devil living in it"

    Anyway he hasnt said a thing about it. I doubt he's mentioned it at the hall. He is a bit of a heavy at the hall as well, being a college educated elder and all. Giving talks all over the area.

    Thoughts, comments?


  • jgnat

    Good for him. The only thought that comes to mind is let old sleeping dogs lie.

  • FreeWilly

    Hey E-who,

    He might drop a few hints here and there. Maybe you can use his college education to your benefit. Like saying:

    * Do witnesses still teach all the animals fit into Noah's boat?

    * How did the water cover mount everest?

    * How did all of Noah's Kangaroo's make it to Australia?

    * You really don't think everyone's gonna die cuz a talking snake told a naked lady to eat some fruit - dooo you?

    Throw one of them out there and just keep silent. Have some fun with it!

  • ellderwho


    Dude you crack me up, thats halarious.

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