What a wonderful organization it would be if ....

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  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    The organization of JW's would do better to encourage real love and fellowship among the brothers.

    But suppose, just suppose the borg were to write something like this in a WT study article:

    "In these times of fear and insecurity, it is imperative that we draw closer to one another. If you see your brother (or sister) standing alone after the meeting greet him with brotherly affection; ask them how the day was and listen intently for the answer and offer encouragement or condolence as the need may be. Never forsake those among you who are in spiritual peril. If their meeting attendance or field service time has decreased, do not attempt to brow beat them back into submission, but lovingly offer to assist them when they are ready, always following through with a phone call or brief, spontaneous visit to let them know that you care and are truly interested in their spiritual and physical well being. Above all else, do not judge your brother or sister as to their spirituality and love for Jehovah God and Jesus, for only God can read the heart. Moreover, we have a wonderful example in our Lord Jesus Christ, who once lived as a man and demonstrated tremendous love and compassion toward the lowly, downtrodden and broken-hearted. He is an excellent model for us to follow in showing love and compassion toward others, especially those related to us in the faith."

    I know there are many issues in the borganization but this lack of love is tantamount to death by gangrene, it is poisoning the organiziation to it's very core and the old geezers up in crooklyn - those who obviously have no idea how real love feels (too many years of confusing fear and intimidation with love and respect - no wife, no children = no compassion for families .... ) all they can think to do is continuously tighten their grip.

    The organization is dying because the broken hearted cannot take it anymore . The lack of love in the organization provides confirmation for me and many others that 'God is not with these people'.

    Sweet tee

  • Dune

    The funny thing about that post is that essentially, that is how its SUPPOSED to be.

    I think the overal thinking is that what you just said should be the norm in the congregation, but in reality most people dont want to do it. I guess its hard to Love a brother or sister if they went to college/are doing well materially and still happen to make most of the meetings and make acceptable field service time.

    and congrats at your 666'd post ;-)

  • serendipity

    Hi Sweet Tee,

    Those words have been written and spoken. However, most JW's I know just want to self-righteously judge and criticize. I've had a few "encourage" me to get to meetings. I offered suggestions as to how they could help me. They never came through. It's all talk and little action. The whole environment is not conducive to love and kindness.

  • under74

    Very true sweet tee.

    I really think they are coming to a crossroads situation. I think this has happened with mainstream Mormonism already. It's possible that yhe JWs will loosen up as well but...I'm not so hopeful because there's such a tight grip on individual JWs. This is shown by what you've stated--JWs are afraid to make connections with others (JW or not) because they might be told on for the most minor thing like having a strong friendship--which might be translated as--building a loyalty stronger than the one with the WTS.

    The WTS is like a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend. They can't stand for you to have any connection to others.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I agree the WTS is jealous.

    It's like the bully that makes friends with you in school and tells you who you can and can't be friends with, what you can eat, what you should like, what to wear, etc.

    Control control control. I doubt there is much real love in the congregations any longer.


  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    Dune - I agree. This is the way it is supposed to be. How ironic that they are led to believe that the way they behave now is a reflection of true Christianity when it is not.

    Serendipity - Those words have been written and spoken. However, most JW's I know just want to self-righteously judge and criticize.&

    The types of articles posted here recently are very much to the contrary - just more of the 'be on guard against bad association - both inside the cong. and outside.' This is what I find insidious and poison to the organziation. Those who are in need of love, like so many new ones posting here, are fed up with the cliques and judgementalism. They want REAL friends - not the phony friendship encouraged by the control freakish GB.

    And I certainly agree that control and bullying are the core tacticts used to keep the R&F in line - problem is that it's backfireing now like all h*ll.

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