Special meeting for brothers: reaching out - Is this happening elsewhere?

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  • truthseeker

    A friend of mine who is being "groomed" for ministerial servant told me that after the service meeting, the elders, ministerial and ALL brothers will be having a special meeting about reaching out.

    I am told that interviews and demonstrations will be featured.

    I wondered if this has anything to do with recent Kingdom Ministry school - is this meeting being repeated in other areas?

    I think that with one of the lowest increases of the Witnesses in decades; 1.3%, falling Memorial attendance (their best indicator that they always used) and flat growth, they are probably quite worried about the situation.

  • RichieRich

    wouldn't suprise me.

    One time, a coupl of years ago, a missionary and his wife visited our congregation. THe PO thought it would be nice to have a all the kids over to a party to meet the couple.

    Well, the missionaries didn't want to be put on a pedestal, so their plan was just to hang out with the young people. Turned out, everyone showed up, ate pizza, and talked to each other. The missionaries were stuck with the parents!!!

    Lot of good that did!!

  • metatron

    Locally, we had a C.O. that attempted this a few years ago. It went nowhere fast.

    You gotta love those stiff-necked old men who run the organization - they just 'don't get it'.


  • TheListener

    Typically it's a random thing. If the local body wants to jumpstart the servants to become elders; or the non-servants to step up and become servants they hold an informal (though suit and tie may be required) at someone's house or if they're really uptight the KH.

    My suggestion - skip it. Don't let them smell blood in the water. Stay away from responsibilities. They're a nightmare to get out of.

  • blondie

    I agree that it is random depending on the status of the congregation regarding brothers to do the chores. Sometimes a CO will jumpstart it. The last congregation I was in had a chart for the elders with every baptized brother's name on it that wasn't on restrictions. There were columns of "privileges" that brothers can do. The names started with the PO and worked down to the brothers who could not be used "yet" for some reason.

    5 elders

    2 MS

    8 Non-MS who could do most MS duties (mostly ex-elders who refused to be reappointed an MS or elder)

    15 the dregs (can read and pray if no other baptized brother at book studies or handle meetings for field service, nothing else)

  • Dune

    In the last month the elders at my congregation have been really trying to get a meeting going. It was cancelled and now they are doing shepherding calls to all baptized brothers.

    They spiritually attacked/fryed one of my friends (he stopped coming for a week, but came back soon after) and They've talked to most of the baptized youth except for me.

    I dont know if its a move to spite me, but i dont really care anymore.

  • eyeslice

    My view is that the effort put into the drive to encourage brothers to reach out is inversely proportionate to the need.
    If a congregation of 100 publisher, 8 elders and 6 MS, then they are not bothered at all! If you are in Eastern Europe, S America or Asia and have 40 publishers and just 1 elder and MS then yes.

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