Being rude is not only accepted, but expected.

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  • free2beme

    It is the Christmas time of year, so what better topic then being rude. As this time of the year, often brings the rudeness out, from even the nicest of people. Take for example what happened to me today. I was driving in the mall parking lot, and there was someone trying to get out of the line and into the lane out of the mall in their car. I slowed down, and allowed them some space to let them in. This is not a law or anything, but more of a courtesy you do from time to time and when it happens, you often get a small wave of "thank you." Not that it really does anything, but it makes you realize the person appreciated it. Well, they drove in and as they did so a young man in his teens yells out the window "f*** you a**hole" and they drive off. The person behind me honks for letting this happen and the person behind the yelling teen car speeds up to sneak two cars in, when I only wanted to allow one. I was not shocked, just proved all the more what I said in the title and know all to well, "being rude is not only accepted, but expected." I just got back from Disneyland this week, and experienced the LA rudeness of people cutting people off and all the lack of courtesy you can fit into four days. So the mall thing in this small town I live in, did not really shock me or seem out of place, after four days of LA.

    Online, when people say rude things to you, you might in the beginning think "I can not believe someone who talk to me like that, when I do not know them." Then after a few hundred times of this happening, you learn to do like I do and just laugh at it. You don't believe what they say, your just no longer shocked someone would say such a thing to you. You accept it and in time you expect it. When I see Witnesses that I used to consider friends, their rude, and I expect that too. I guess the only constant I try to do in my life, is that when those times come up to let someone into my line in the parking lot or to hold a door open for a elderly person. I try to remember that I do not accept rudeness in myself, and for that reason I should not expect it to come out, just because it so often does with others.

    However, have you noticed how much rudeness has become more common then not?

  • Virgogirl

    Yes! I work at the Post Office and customers will actually call the Window Clerks a "F****ng B***h in front of a lobby full of people, including children. When the clerks page for a Supervisor, this one woman told me, "Darn right, I called her a B***h! And you're a B***h too!" When I told her to leave, she yelled "F**k you all!" Incredible!

  • justice for all
    justice for all

    When I hold a door open for someone I expect them to say thank you. It really urks me when they don't as if it's my job to hold it open for them. I always hold the door anyway and I say thank you ''good and loud'' when some one holds the door for me. Makes them feel better and me too. Good manners goes a long ways.

  • Elsewhere

    Go fck yourself!!!

  • free2beme

    I worked in a retail store as a manager in the 1990's and it was Christmas time. A man went into the dressing room and was having a heart attack. I had an employee dial 911 and I was performing CPR and staying with the man to keep him alert. A customer went up to my employee after the ambulance took him away and asked to have the owners number. My employee thought the person wanted to commend our efforts to take person our customers and put them first. No, the person called the owner to complain that our attention to this customer caused her to have to wait to make a purchase and we were ignoring her needs and only paying attention to something the Emergency workers could have handled when they arrived. She wanted a discount on her purchase.

    That is the public! Vile!

  • fairchild

    The rudeness of people can be truly amazing. I help out at a health food store every once in a while. One time, a lady came in and she looked as if she was searching for something but couldn't find it. So I asked her "Is there anything I can help you with?" Her answer was "Mind your own damn business".

  • nilfun

    I'm not going to share a specific horror story about rudeness, but I will comment on my experience as a JW kid. I was conditioned to accept and expect all sorts of affronts against my being. I was trained to not call to task someone who was out of line, uncouth, foul, or offensive. I knew many other JW kids who were trained in the same manner. I cannot begin to tell of the pain and humiliation I was taught to put up with in KH and KH related situations. I was taught to be passive in this respect, and unfortunately for me, this kind of upbringing is "the gift that keeps giving". But I am learning.

  • bisous

    I say get over it ... buy the book The 4 Agreements and take it to heart, particularly the one about not taking things personally. don't worry about judging others' actions, they are a reflection of where those individuals are at that time and have nothing to do with you.

  • nilfun

    I just wanted to thank Scully for her topic The Unkindest Cut: Hateful Words from JWs that Show Their True Colours -- this goes along with my post earlier in this thread and I'm gratified the subject has got its own thread. Very validating -- it helps to know that those who have experienced JW rudeness/hate are not alone.

  • prophecor

    Manners and true common decency has been lost on an entire generation of people. Civility is Dead.

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