Are the reported facts, factual

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  • dj_white_rice


    I recently had to write a research paper on this topic. Is the problem really as wide spread as it is being reported?

  • wednesday

    yes, good place to get good info is

  • dj_white_rice

    Thank for the feedback. It is certainly tragic.

  • dj_white_rice

    Seems to me that almost every several days, some church denomination is in the news as having either lost a suit, settled, or be accused of sexual abuse against a child. This is so disturbing.

    In fact, the day week I was finishing up my research I was handed a local newspaper article that came out that morning about yet another church leader who was going to trial.

    Other than the general two or witness rule, what do you think would be the proper Christian response? I seem to recall throwing stones in the old testament. That would certainly create a media frenzy.

  • greendawn

    This paper shows that it is not just the JWs that try to hide child abuse but also the other churches, and seeing that the Catholic Church had to pay heavy fines we can see one factor that motivates that refusal to investigate, and why JW elders do all they can to suppress such cases.

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