BIG NEWS POLL - how/when Did you read How Can Blood Save Your Life?

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  • skeeter1

    Please describe under what circumstance did you first read "How Can Blood Save Your Life?" (I am really meaning only the most current blood booklet..the one that was published in 1990). It's the one that goes through all the medical facts of illness and alternative medicine near the beginning and includes discussion of AIDS, etc. Was it part of being recruited, part of a book-study?

    Did you use the booklet in your service calls?

    Did you use this booklet with your children, grandchldren, etc?

  • alamb

    My first copy is dated 1961. I hadn't been born but my parents had it in my personal library.

    The next copy I have is dated 1977. I have the KM insert in it where we had studied it in the weekly Bookstudy in/around February 1988. I was baptized in 1980 but had been forced to read the brochure by my parents prior to that. I carried No Blood cards for my daughters until I left the JW's in 1997. Now I carry the other document and hope it works.

  • wednesday

    as a third generation jws, I have always had acess to some form of a "blood booklet" I'm sure we got it as it was disturbed to the brothers locally.. As I recall it, the WTS really started dabbling in medicine after HIV hit the news. They just could not resist saying "I told you so".A great deal of bashing of medicine in genreal occurred. And bashing the mental health community. .

    weds `

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    My first exposure to jw publications on the blood issue was not the most recent booklet, as I left the organization at the age of 15 in 1980 (or '81?). I remember a "tract" on blood, published by the borg in the 70's and 80's. I can't help but wonder why you're doing this research/poll. It couldn't possibly be entirely representative of all Witnesses. If you'd like more info on that, you should ask people who are still in the organization. I think there are a few here, but it appears to me that most of the people posting here are former Witenesses or Witnesses looking for a way out of the cult.

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