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  • scarecrow

    HI all When my wife and i sent a registered letter of dissasociation to the watchtower socety ( Georgetown ,Ontario Canada ) a few yrs ago, we regreted not sending copies to congregation members at the same time .We regret this because we wondered what the elders told them rather than convey our reasons for leaving . Also, had we done so could we have helped some others in eventually leaving. I was wondering if any of you who wrote such letters of D/A to the elders ,ever wrote copies to the rank and file of the congregation . If so, did you manage to help any who recieved and read such letters?

  • Honesty

    I left the cult by calling the Bethel thugs in the Crooklyn, N.Y. Service Department @ 718-560-5600. I then called the local thugs in the Walland, TN KH and informed them of my decision.

    But before I did all of the above I called, spoke in person with or mailed information about the WTBTS's affiliation with the UN to those I could not reach otherwise.

    It's so much more effective when you give the congregation a 'heads up' before the Gestapo elders know anything is amiss in the Watchtower Spiritual Paradise.

  • Ticker

    It can be good to let ones know your decision and why because after the rumour mill gets going, they tend to demonize you for your decision. Most of them swear surely you must have done wrongdoing, they dont realize ones are leaving due to their consciences. Or because ones have awoken from their lies.


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