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  • colorado5591

    Good lord! My internet at home is, at long last, up and running. (insert sigh of relief)

    When they say something that is totally improbable and downright illogical, move on down the line. Disregard them if you will, eventually, someone is bound to know SHITE FROM SHINOLA eh?

    Where my peeps at?

    ~The Amy~

  • under74

    ya, I always ask for a supervisor. I learned this last year when I received a recorded message saying my flight had been cancelled...this was 6 hours before it was supposed to leave and I paid for it 2 months prior. Anyway, I had to call a number left on the recording (United Air is really good like that) and so I get this person telling me the flight was cancelled and all the flights for the following 5 days were booked...she tells me this while I'm looking at online booking for United and see there are plenty of flights to Seattle with plenty of room. I pointed this out and she says, "that's not what I see here" ...I started cursing and telling her if I could buy it online it was available...or they should make something available since I already paid. She still played dumb and I finally asked for her manager. Got on a flight that left an hour after the original one booked.
    I know, this story was long winded but it was two weeks before Christmas last year and I was homesick...and I'd already paid and shouldn't have had to beg for a flight back home and get an "oh well, can't help you" attitude in response.

  • IP_SEC

    Hey Aims good to see you back.

    I aint your peeps tho, you is my peeps .

    Ahh its good to be the patriarch.

  • colorado5591

    Can't we just be each others peeps IP_SICK? Why do you ALWAYS have to be better than me?

    At least now that you are totally wicked apostate, I bet Mom likes me better Oh yeah, that reminds me! You are supposed to call her. Don't let her trick you into telling her anything because she knows nothing. Call me too

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