Dictator Rutherford or Franz?

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  • greendawn

    So after Rutherford dies despite his conviction about the millions living back then that would never die, Knorr becomes the new WTS leader. Or was it?
    Some have to say that the real power behind the throne was Franz and Knorr was just his puppet.

    At a time when the WTS was to expand globally Franz who loathed long distance travelling got Knorr to fly around the world to organise that expansion. He sat at Bethel lording it over the dubs and tightening his control over them beyond what Rutherford had accomplished in this sector.

    Who was to blame more for the dictatorial character of the WTS that we all know, the flamboyant spiritual fruitcake known as Joseph Rutherford or the introverted and quietly ruthless Franz?

  • VM44

    Knorr was the manager, the organizer.

    Franz was the oracle, the theocrat.


  • greendawn

    True VM, Knorr was the cold theocratic businessman and Franz directed the spiritual affairs of the org, so is he the one that banned all dissent on pain of ex communication and instituted the total isolation of expelled dissenters? I think Rutherford didn't go that far.

  • reaper

    They were all as bad as each other. Rutherfraud was a nasty operator, and used his knowledge of legalism to tie the 'lemings' in to his theocracy.

    Franze was obviously another ruthless operator and just loved using big words to confuse everyone.

    Whenever I heard him give a talk at Twickenham, I was bored stiff. I don't think any one knew what he was on about, but they would all say what a wonderful brother he was. They thought he was so knowledgeable, that he had to be Giods spokesman here on Earth.

    When I was at a 2 week Elders School in 1976, we were told that many of the JWs thought that Franze went into a room to consult the Oracle.

    The Instructor dispelled that myth, but said he often went into a room by himself for hours.

    I think he was consulting Old Nick.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

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    Rutherford fired all of Russell's board members so he could have everything his way. Think he looks very stern and like he wants control, if looks mean much, I don't know. He also stopped the beards...as the men are still suffering for today. At least the men I know would like to have a beard.!

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