Give the Doctor automatic rights over minors.

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  • hamsterbait

    In some parts of the world, doctors are granted the right to act in loco parentis when there is no relative present.

    At this time, where a child's life is in danger, and the parents refuse treatment (JW, Christian Scientists) the hospital uses precious time getting a court order, etc.

    Why can't the law be changed so that in a medical emergency doctors have the right to treat the child if the parents take a stand that is immediately life-threatening?

    I believe in freedom of religion, and the rights of parents - but not if it kills a child.


  • rebel8

    In the US patient right to choose--or the guardians' right to choose--has been greatly expanded and emphasized in recent years. Maybe it will someday go out of fashion and the law will be modified.

  • ButtLight

    I totally agree. I think the law should change. Anyone under the age of 18, when it comes to life and death, should be saved. (the child didnt make the decision, so in the jw's faith, who cares? Jah wont hold the child accountable)

  • hamsterbait

    yeah Reb -

    I think that sucks. Suppose the parents or guardian wnated to bleed the kid (an acceptable medical treatment 150 years ago), or administer tartar emetics, or dose them with mercury, or castrate to save the soul from self abuse?

    Would a court order now be needed to stop that too?


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