WTS and GB Regularly Engage in a Pagan Rite

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  • AuldSoul

    It has long been known, as an established secular fact, the representation of ideas in the form of drawn characters that conveyed meaning to those who saw them was a pratice established by the priesthood of Ancient Sumeria.

    This practice was handed down generationally and was eventually taken up by Moses. Once again, as the one entrusted with this sacred rite, Moses' words were to be regarded as exclusive truth from deity. In exactly the same way as the symbology used by pagan priests.

    Today this practice is still carried out by the WTS and the GB on a regular basis. They fill up entire books with such representative pagan symbols of ideation.

    They encourage everyone to become absorbed in the symbols they publish and to reject the conflicting symbols published by any other source in a very similar fashion to the priesthoods of various deities among the Sumerians and Egyptians.

    But they say to disregard things of pagan origin. And worse, they use a form of pagan rite to communicate that meesage.

    Can you get any more hypocritical than that?

    Good morning, all! I hope you enjoyed that example of idea conveyed by representative symbols. Now that you have had a dose of pagan rites for the day, enjoy the rest of your day delighting in every whim that strikes your fancy. Only, take heed of these necessary things: Don't intentionally kill anyone.

    Give them a noogie instead.


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