Active Imagination? I blame the WTS

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  • Mysterious

    I remember always having one of the best imaginations in my class even when I was in high school. My secret? All those meetings to zone out in. I can still zone out with my thoughts almost anywhere for any length of time and it doesn't seem like that is true for everyone I've met. So I'm going to blame my "skill" on the society.

  • bother_forever

    Yes I have this gift also, and to blame it on many hours of the absolute bore called meetings. I took a test on a site called Tickle (google it, you can do IQ tests, subconcious, ink blots etc really good stuff.) and to my surprise I do actually have an imaginative mind, more so than the norm (apparently). So there you go there was a positive to it all. Start using that imagination, and make it work for you.

  • rmt1

    My wife blames my short-term memory and not being able to remember certain things on my JW years where I had to sit through that auditory crap. In this theory, which makes sense to me, I would have had a cognitive dissonance that caused a resistance to hearing and retention precisely proportional to the stupidity. Now, even though I can attend to and retain things that have an active positive cathexis (I desire to know), things that are not as positive (wife's future plans (which may or may not always change)) but are still good to know - I cannot retain even after hearing it several times. Possibly some practice of deferring the cathexis of wait-and-see upon with Brooklyn is founded. I.e., I now |know| things change, so only a minimum knowledge of an immediate future is relevant. So, this same phenomena of zoning out at the meetings, or mentally screaming for the door, causes a Freudian resistance that activates the imagination. I.e., the imagination is a defence mechanism.

  • bigmouth

    rmt1 that was near on word for word what I was going to say!Well done you!

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