Another snowy weekend to work in.... sheesh!

by AK - Jeff 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Work begins for me in about 8 hours when the alarm sounds at about 1 AM. Three miserable days in the cold - 13 or 14 hours each.

    I move semi-trailers on lot [spotter, yard dog whatever you want to call it] for a living. Not a bad job in the summer really. But the winter stinks big time. Go to work 7 hours before the sun comes up and get done about the time it sets. Work in slush and snow and ice. Expected to do as much on a December snow-day as on a May spring day.

    Sorry to rant. I just am beginning to hate winters so much. Maybe I am tired of my job? Too damn old to move on though.

    Sorry to rant and rave - just venting. Pays the bills.

    Jeff [of the winter hating people]

  • Finally-Free

    It's snowing here now, and my normal 1/2 hour drive home will likely take 3 hours.


  • Legolas

    We just finally got snow!

    It has been storming here the last two days!

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