We're All Imperfect & Sinners - Where Have I Heard This?

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  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Our oldest son goes to a Christian school and we have had a few problems since the beginning of the year.

    The latest being someone in the parking lot scraoed my new truck. They left their paint over my rear passenger wheel well. They didn't leave a note or anything...just drove off.

    I called the director of the school and asked her if she would send out a note asking for information of who might have been parked near me on the day that it occurred....she wouldn't do it! I never saw the person. They must have been quick because I was only in the school for 10 minutes picking up our son.

    I have one of 2 trucks in a sea of mini-vans....

    I said to the director, you know I expect more from people who go here since this is a Christian School. This is really bad behavior! I told her the behavior in the parking lot is some of the worst on the planet. Parents zooming in at 50 mph because they are late, people parking so close to you that you have to go to the otherside of the car to put your children in their car seats...

    Her answer....We are all imperfect and sinners this is why Jesus died for our sins.

    I said...Well Miss Linda - My truck was perfect but I guess now its like the rest of us! Thanks a lot!


  • Crumpet

    i'm guessing the paint was black or just like every other vehicle in the parking lot, because you could do some sleughting - work out who did it and do something christian like returning the favour....

  • Legolas

    Do you know the color of the paint?

    If so Report it to the police you and/or them can watch the cars picking up the kids and the color that matches the paint go over and see if there is any damage to that car and the police will handle it from there!

  • oldflame

    The witnesses use this one when they are judged by the world, but some how seem to bypass this law when they judge others. On a more critical point they have judged us in the fact that we are all going to hell but themselves. But what does the bible say about judging others ? That they will also be judged in the same manner as others whom they judge. So if a witness say's you are all going to hell because you do not believe the same as us, they just sent themselves into hell .

  • AuldSoul

    I have some fun things you can do to her car with superglue, if you would like a list.

    Don't really try any of them, but they are fun to think about...hee-hee! If she asks, just look her in the eyes apologetically and say, "I'm awfully sorry. I was in a rush, had the superglue in my hand, slipped and wouldn't you know, it spilt right into your keyhole. I hope you will forgive me, we're all imperfect, after all."

    That's but one of the many places it may have gone.

    AuldSoul (of the "I Will Take a Lot of Crap Before I Snap" class)

    P.S. I am also enrolled with excellent grade point average in the "If You Push Me Too Far Your Life Will Become Hell" class. I'm told my major will be "Don't Toy With Me". I'm working on a Doctoral thesis. (grin)

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia


    My truck is black and the minivan that left its mark is beige. I have been looking at all the vehicles in the parking lot. I took pictures of my truck and it was reported to the police.

    If I find out who did this....she will be sorry. I am a big enough jerk that I will park right in front of her and block her from leaving until the police get there!

    To have my truck repaired is $200. My deductable for insurance is $500. The school director told me to just live with it since it doesn't effect the drive ability of my truck.

    I think I am going to contact the pastor of the church and tell him what happened because I am not at all happy with Miss Linda's answer!

    Chrystal - of the don't mess with my truck class!

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