If everyone on earth shared everything, would everyone have it all?

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  • DavidChristopher

    I mean , if a small amount of people had it all, they would have to build themselves a prison to live in to protect themselves from the ones who didn't right? What is the point of that? Can there ever be peace on earth, if people are punishing and being punished? What is wrong with wanting to be like God, and knowing the difference between good and bad. I try to teach my children that very thing, and feel good that they want to be like me.

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    Hi David,

    You've asked similar questions in 5 different threads. I'd like to help, but I'd first like to know that you're getting your responses. If you see this message, would you post to this thread and let us all know that you're navigating the site ok?

    I look forward to batting this around with you. As another poster mentioned, there aren't always answers, but a great quote to keep in mind is:

    It's better to have questions you can't answer, than answers you can't question!


  • FSMonster

    I would like to smoke whatever yer smoking m'friend :-) Your question makes no sense to me, but, if I put it into Watchtower teaching context here's what I make of it:

    You're referring to the new world after the Armagedon, right? WT teaches that everyone would have their own piece of land and a home where you can have unrestrained sex with your perfect wife. There would be no crime thus no punishment.

    BENDER: God, how can I tell good from bad?

    GOD : "Good" and "Bad" are just words, what matters is what you think.

    BENDER: I know, that's why I... oh nevermind...

  • Panda

    David Christopher,

    If you are taking a philosophy course and have come up with this question, then ok. If not you will need to define "everything" as regarding your query. Also, define "everyone" and finally "share"... Otherwise you may need an intervention

  • DavidChristopher

    Here is how I see philosophy... it a road to truth, along the road there are towns(religons) all wanting you to stop and build a house in their town. Most of us do, We get comfortable, and some stay in the town all their lives, following a goal to be equal to the mayor of your town. But the mayor wants to string you along, giving you just enough information to keep you from giving up seeking him, keeping you in his town. If you surpass him, or question him in front of everyone, and HE doesn't have answers, what happens? Do you get back on the road with a cardboard sign that reads "Will work for wisdom, knowledge, and truth"? I did(I REALLY did.) I have found alot of joy on this road, and no.. I am not a philosophy student to men, or schools. I am a mechanic who would like to know how I can get paid to TRY to find answers to problems, fix things. Like our police, and "leaders" do. Even better, the worst things get, the more we need them and the more money they make. I want to get paid to TRY to fix cars, and when I screw up I want to make even more money. I cannot get an answer to that question either in town. The cops say standing on the road with that sign was "criminal trespassing" What if it said "medium pizza $5.99" what would it be then? I was told to obey the authorities...But I think I have the freedom to question their rules to let them explain to me that they are looking out for my best interest, if they truly are. However, if they are not....i WON'T be getting misled will I? Cause I said so...doesn't cut it with me. After all, if they can lead others, why can't they share the knowledge with me so I can lead myself? they love it when I have to go to court, because I don't bat an eye at questioning a judge in front of everyone. I don't think there is a "town" that holds any answers for me. All I have is a awesome book, questions, and hopefully a waiting Father at the end of the road. It seems not much traffic comes by anymore, just you guys. Can someone take me where I am going? Has anyone been there? wanna hitchhike with me?

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