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  • lynnmelo

    Hi, folks. After discovering this site about a week ago and researching some of the information provided by some people on the site, I've pretty much decided not to join the JW's. I thank those who have provided me with information. I haven't decided to stop attending the KH on Sundays yet, but unless I get some information to refute so many of the things I've read during this past week, I won't ever be a JW. However, I still have strong feelings about the need to be baptized. Yet, I don't want to get baptized by any religion that believes in the trinity (this isn't an invitation for anyone here to try convincing me about the validity of the Trinity, by the way) or that's not conservative. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Also, I'd like to buy a Bible on CD or tape that is really accurate (i.e., that includes Jehovah's name where it should be, that doesn't insert words where they shouldn't be, etc.). Any suggestions?

  • misspeaches

    First of all good for you for doing thorough research into the organisation.That is soooo important!! Don't just take our word for it either. Read what professionals have to say about it all. Go to the Best of section there are many great books and articles referenced there that may interest you.

    Before you go to the Sunday meetings have a look at Blondies topic. Each week she does analysis of the Watchtower study that has been scheduled. I think that this will help give you a really clear mind about what is being discussed.

    I understand you have a spiritual need. There are other non-trinitarian religons. Have a look up for Unitirian churches. I think google might help here.

    Regarding your baptism desire as well one thing to keep in mind is the vows you take. When JW's get baptised they are making their vows of loyalty to the organisation. You would think baptism vows would be about your feelings to God not an earthly organisation.

    Stick around too - I am sure many including myself will be very interested in hearing of your progress.

    Miss Peaches

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    Best news I have heard today!!!

    misspeaches gave good ideas. From what I know of the Unitarians they pretty much let you decide for yourself what to believe.

  • blindersoff


    I sent you a message.


  • VM44

    The New Jerusalem Bible uses YHWH in the OT (Hebrew) scriptures.

    New Jerusalme Bible (NJB)

    Here it is at Amazon webpage. --VM44

  • VM44

    Correction, the New Jerusalem Bible uses "Yahweh" (not YHWH) in the Hebrew scriptures. --VM44

  • lynnmelo

    Thank you all so much! I'll check out that link, VM44!

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