How bad are things today, really?

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Here's one answer, from a poll of history professors:

  • luna2

    Interesting article. I agree with the professors for the most part. I don't think we'd cope at all well if we were whooshed back in time and plunked down in the midst of the Great Depression or the Civil War. Most of us are pretty soft and spoiled these days.

    The big difference between now and then is the access to news and appetite for new crap. We may have more mental trauma because of how quickly we can find out about just about anything; battles, terrorist activity, crime, natural disasters...all broadcast on television, radio, internet almost as soon as it occurs. We also have more need for money so as to purchase all the cool things available to us. Many items that we consider essential for a happy life today were completely unknown 100 years ago. In some ways we create our own stress.

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