What will be, will be

by peggy 2 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • peggy

    I was in the minority when I took my stand against HOW the BIG NEWS was presented! I felt it irresponsible to stir speculation on a soon to be released news item. I haven't changed my opinion! Some on this board went out and bought ink cartridges, stocked paper and sat at the READY to become an activist! Well good for you, I am sure your relatives are about as excited as they would be had you sent any other supposed APOSTATE info. HELL, many on this board needed it explained to them how significant this NEWS was! Will this essay have an impact? Yes, I believe it possibly will. Will it change yours or my lives? NAH!!

    Do I think Barbara is a attention seeker? No. I think like many, she got carried away with a peice of info she couldn't hold on to. She couldn't out right tell the news, so she played the HOT and COLD game and had some fun. It was ANNOYING for me but I am sure fully entertaining for many, as the numbers show.

    What will be, will be.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Time will tell.

    I think this news has a better chance of hitting an artery [the society itself] than the extremeties [pubs in general].

    I think the r&f will not be much more affected than most of the other facts we have at hand.

    I hope that the org might review it's actual policies on blood. That would be a direct hit.


  • daniel-p

    "I hope that the org might review it's actual policies on blood. That would be a direct hit."

    Yes, this is what we are after, right? We want the policy changed so that innocent lives are no longer offered up as a sacrifice to a false hope. We don't want money - we want the policy changed! And this might (emphasis on might) help speed up the process of liberalizing the Society's policy regarding blood. They have already been leaning towards a change, but this might heat things up a bit. When they do make it official - that blood is no longer prohibited - THEN there will be serious investigations into the Society's legitimacy from some more average R&F members.

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