Holiday gift giving

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  • pratt1

    I have some friends who are still dubs, but they associate often with my family and we consider ourselves to be very close.

    We agree not to talk about religion and so far everyone seems to honor this arrangment.

    My friends have a young child who calls me uncle and I have a very close relationship with him.

    Every year I give their son gifts in November and a month before his birthday.

    Since I grew up as a dub, as he is, I don't want him to feel left out, and we bond over either building models, or me teaching how to ride his new bike, or learning how to play games on his "Leapfrog".

    His parents has also appointed me and my wife as guardians over their son if they were to die while he is still a minor.

    What bothers me is that neither of parents seem to acknowledge these gifts (which are uually expensive) or purchase gifts for my daughter at any time during the year.

    My motives in giving their child gifts is not to receive any recoginition, but I does make me feel that because of their beliefs about holidays, they should use some other occasion to at least send a gift to my daughter.

    I decided against bringing this matter up to them, and I don't want to stop giving their son gifts, he's the innocent party here, but I just wonder why these dubs seem to have no sene of social ettiqutte?

    I am I being unreasonable here?

  • mouthy

    I am I being unreasonable here?

    No I dont think your unreasonable...But it must be they are rude... Because most of the JW I knew when I was one ....would use another day. NOT Christmas day or Birthday to make the excuse to send a gift. They sound like ungrateful friends if you ask me & you did ((((SMILE)

  • Ingenuous

    We didn't have substitute celebrations/gift giving when I was a kid. I'm a bit unsure about "expecting" gifts; but, when we did receive gifts, we were expected to send a "thank you" card, at the least.

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