There's no turning back now...

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  • undercover

    Analogy #1:

    The shots at Fort Sumter have been fired...the Confederates have declared war.

    But before the shot was fired, the rebels were whipped into a frenzy ready to go to battle as soon as the word was given.

    Hopes of victory were pinned on this unnamed weapon which would fire the shot.

    Now that the weapon has been unveiled and the first shot fired, what will the established Union do? They have more resources, more money, more soldiers, more lawyers.

    Now that the war has started, how will the Confederates carry out their battle plan? Is there a battle plan ready? Will they have support from other countries or will they have to go it alone? Was the "big news" all that they had?

    No one knows the answers, but this one thing is for sure. It's too late to rethink the strategy now. They all joined in in hyping the war and now they're going to have to fight using what they have.

    Analogy #2:

    The land battle has begun. The tanks are on their way to Baghdad. The leaders are positive that there are weapons of mass destruction. They claim to have the intel to prove it.

    But, is that intel trustworthy? Does it come from reliable source? Has it been confirmed by the experts?

    Too late, the over-confident militaristic war-mongers have committed to an invasion based on this report and we will have to stay the course. If the intel was faulty, then they'll just have to fall back to older, more reliable information about the enemy as a means to keep the people back home supportive.

    What do these analogies have to do with the "big news"?

    Well, one war failed due to not having enough resources or gaining the support of foreign lands to help. The other was a military campagin that was rushed into based on bad intel and poor leadership.

    Not that those who helped get this going are poor leaders, but this information was hyped up for days before being released. Everyone was ready to take the WTS down with a single death blow. War hysteria broke out.

    Now, the news is out...and...while it does show some promise in weeks and years to come,'s not the smoking gun everyone expected.

    The bad news is that the ex-JW community has been abuzz about this enough that the WTS took notice and are preparing their battle plans. Did we over committ too soon? Have we over extended ourselves? Do we have enough resources to fight with?

    It doesn't matter. We jumped up ready to fight before seeing the plans and now it's on. Even if the "big news" isn't what we hoped, the WTS now knows that a campaign to hurt them is under way and they will fight back but hard. And they have the resources to do it.

    It will be a long and bloody war.

  • peggy

    This will be ENDLESSLY speculated on for days to come! Everything that can or has been said about it, will be said a thousand times more! Have you ever filed a lawsuit! It takes MONEY to do it, or it takes a huge law firm with a solid money background to take the case on a contingent basis. Lawsuits take YEARS, appeals take years. The people of this forum who love to write their brilliant commentaries on how all of this will go, will continue to comment.

    What will be, will be.

  • under74

    I see what you're getting at... but analogy #1 I'm having a hard time with....
    the comparison of ex-JWs here to slave owners or rather poor southern white boys wanting to be slave owners fighting for their right to own slaves and keep their cotton taxes to themselves is no good.

    Never felt bad or any kinship with the Confederates.

  • jgnat

    Yes, it takes time, but class action suits don't cost individuals money. A lawyer's firm would do a cost-recovery analysis, determine it's chances at success, round up as many litigants as possible, and sue.

  • stillajwexelder

    It will be a long and bloody war.

    Worry about winning the war not the battle - yes theocratic warfare can take a long time - we might even lose the odd battle - as long as we do not lose the war

  • undercover
    the comparison of ex-JWs here to slave owners or rather poor southern white boys wanting to be slave owners fighting for their right to own slaves and keep their cotton taxes to themselves is no good.

    I never said anything about slavery. While slavery was one of the issues that sparked the war, it wasn't the only and total reason for the war. In fact, at the start of the war, Lincoln said the main objective of the war was to hold the Union together. It wasn't until he released the Emancipation Proclamation that the focus centered on freeing the slaves. Even then, the Proclamation only applied to Confederate Slaves and not ones in the Union.

    But I digress.

    My analogy was that a group of people who felt put upon by a larger, more resourceful agressor sought to gain their own independance. That is what compares ex-JWs vs the WTS to the Confederates vs the Union.

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