Why Hong Kong was given back to China :-)

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  • InquiryMan

    This is a thought on why Hong Kong was given back to China (as reasoned by a staunch JW). Cut from Beliefnet. «I remember a CO gave a talk, that one of my sisters found very objectionable. The brother was saying that (at that time) we hadn't yet entered China to preach. He mentioned the population of China and said something about how a lot of us might feel that the end wasn't close since China hadn't been witnessed to yet. He said that we should trust Jehovah, that if Jehovah brought Armegeddon before China was preached to, then it could be that Jehovah had decided that none of his people were there. China wasn't easy for ministers to get into to preach to. But guess what? Hong Kong reverted to China's control, and we had a lot of witnesses in Hong Kong. Jehovah probably set up that arrangement with forethought back 100 years ago. There was a way for China to be infiltrated with the message. It is true our brothers and sisters there have to work under ban and be very secretive. We don't know how many exist, in China, but Jehovah didn't leave them without a witness in this world. Too there are Chinese who come to the states who are embracing the truth. How many of them will tell their families?» Also, the BIG NEWS is already given coverage there....

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute

    somebody stole king kong from china? does japan still have godzilla????

  • stillajwexelder

    Britain legally had to give it back - it was agreed on 150 years ago by treaty

  • Simon

    We always just stick to the rules.

    The interesting thing is why we had Hong-Kong in the first place ...

  • AuldSoul

    Port of call for the pipers...


  • TheOldHippie

    I remember that being said, too, and I remember two more points being added around 1980:

    1. That thousands of Japanese pioneers had learned Chinese and were just waiting for the signal to come, the signal that said, "GO!" - and then they would swarm all over China. (I hope they are practising their new language these days, so that they will not forget it ............)

    2. That "My Book of Bible Stories" was to be used as a text book in English and was to be printed by governmental agencies and distributed all over China. (The proof readers surely have been slow in putting it into print.)

  • bother_forever

    Think Britain won Hong kong in a bet about some tea, the great tea war as it was known as.

    And I suppose there are only about 1 BILLION people that need a JW at their door, even if all 6-7 million (whatever the figure is these days) went in thats quite a territory to cover. Hello India?

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