What did Russell & Rutherford smoke/drink?

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  • saved

    (other than weed...)

    what kind of cigar and liquor did these two enjoy?

  • jukief

    In Rutherford's case, the easier question would be: What kind of liquor did he NOT enjoy?

  • JW83

    Hmmm ... I think they obviously didn't smoke or drink ENOUGH!!

  • Mary

    I think Brother Russell smoked a pipe......not sure what he drank.

    Rutherford on the other hand, drank anything that was 40 Proof or higher. I personally think the crockety ol' bastard drank rye. Rye makes lots of people miserable. I think Rutherford was probably guzzling bathtub rye down before pondering new ways to screw the R&F of his day. Let's face it: it was Rutherford that got rid of Christmas, the Cross, Birthdays and any other holiday that was fun. It was Rutherford who demanded total obedience, introduced 5 freaking meetings a week and tried snuggling up to the Third Reich. It was Rutherford who decided that Witnesses couldn't even do "alternative military service", which ensured how many brothers went to prison.

    Maybe Rutherford should've switched to bathtub rum----would've made him a much happier person. Surely for the amount he drank, Capone would've given him a deal.

  • lonelysheep

    Smoke--probably nothing good


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