Parallel Universe Parallel Salvation

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  • Spectrum

    Could it be that the relationship of parallel universes is to the physical world as parallel religions are to Salvation. So your religious beliefs aren't wrong but will actually work for you as you have laid them down. To clarify some examples:

    Hindus believe in reincarnation to a higher state or lower state depending on their conduct through life. Reincarnation will thus be applied to those that uphold the hindu belief.

    Roman Catholics believe that 20 our Fathers and 50 hale Marys will redeem the most vicious mafia hitman and a place in heaven await's all good catholics therefore that what will be applied to Catholics.

    And so on with other religions.

    JW on the other hand are in a sticky situation because for their parallel religion to work the others have to be done away with as the earth is only for their JWism. Since that isn't going to happen and they don't believe in life after death they've dogmatised themselves into oblivion.

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