What is the deal with "greediness"?

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  • daystar

    I don't recall this word being used all that much when I was a Dub. But I've seen people comment on this a bit lately. So... sinning "with greediness" is different than other forms of sinning? What's the deal?

  • Finally-Free

    I think it is designed to give elders a wider range of offenses to choose from when they wish to persecute someone they don't like. I remember some pioneers that were accused of being "greedy" because they had so many bible studies.


  • VM44

    What about some of the Bethel workers that after dinner make a mad rush to start packing away the leftovers into large plastic bags?

    Wouldn't that be called being greedy?


  • confused_101

    Maybe people aren't contributing enough lately...thus they are greedy and they are sinning.

  • Dune

    I think it goes for immoral/unclean greedineess and is being used as a means to vary how much someone can be punished.

    If you were petting with your girl/boyfriend but didnt expose the genitals, they'd still reprove you but it wouldnt be called greedy as much as if there was mutual masturbation.

    Look at the examples that sir82 provided.

  • daystar


    Your response more accurately addressed my query.

    I think I caught that it was in an attempt at describing differing levels within a specific typs of sin. However, what I don't understand, even through sir82's thread, is why that particular term is used.

    In your example for instance, the word greediness does not necessarily apply, in my mind at least, to the difference between heavy petting and mutual masturbation. Real greediness can play just as much of a part in heavy petting as it might in anything else, or not. I can't think of a time I've had sex in the recent past where there was any emotion remotely like "greed" involved at all.

    I guess what I'm really asking is how the WTS explains using that specific term in such a way as to distance itself from what it really means. (Not that it's surprising, really.) I can guess that they just grabbed a word that sounded sinful, like greed, to be able to tag onto any other sin, to increase it's weight.

    Greedy sex? Greedy questioning of the WTS? Greedy not-going-out-in-service-as-much-as-we'd-like-you-to?

  • jgnat

    I think they are tagging "greed" to stigmatize any JW's who have any ambitions besides serving the Watchtower. For instance, sending your child to college (the only reason must be more $$$$, right?), buying a nicer home, buying a nicer car, building a nest-egg for retirement.

  • Dune

    lol. An elder once told me that sisters should be thought of like this "You can look, but you cant touch".
    Self control is one of those things they harp on you while u're dating as a witness. I read in that red youth book which name escapes me right now about how when you're first dating, holding hands gives much enjoyement, then its kissing, but after this point, everything is priviledged to those who are married.

    I am no way a spokesperson for the WTBS, but when i think their mentallity is. "Sure they're going to want to kiss, and obviously this guy is going to want to cop a feel, so sure, but if he does it regularly and they go farther each time, then they are getting greedy".

    I think this goes back to how many times you've done it (AKA Brother Dune didnt realize that he was crossing the line).

    It also applies to the Pron examples. Like, Brother Dune succumbed to soft.core pron a few times, but has stopped and can be helped (cause he's confessing). But then you have the brother who has been doing it for years and has been caught by a brother who was using his PC or his wife.

    I dont know though, they'll probably elaborate in the months to come.

    @ JGNAT I wish they would just up and say that all of the witnesses who were college students were just greedy and thats all they wanted (Thats basically what they convey in all their literature) I think that would be a good kick in the pants that i need to get this fade underway...

  • DannyHaszard

    A charlatan cult like the Watchtower evolves out of it's boring stagnant flux by anticipatory new light new villians so it goes for their lingo too.A new catch-all from the theocratic arangement.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    ....I was thinking maybe they're incorporating The Seven Deadly Sins....

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